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Word of Mouth Started because I learned that black people have over $1.2 Trillion in spending power. Upon learning this, I started to do more research in order to figure out why it seemed like none of that money was making it back to the black community. I found that we have not been spending the money with oursleves. Mainly from 2 different reasons

  1. Lack of knowledge about products
  2. Lack of trust from consumers and black business owners

I decided to combat those issues by creating the Word Of Mouth Youtube Channel where I review and discuss different black owned businesses and products. This is to expose more people to the black owned consumer products that we have. I also created the Word Of Mouth Podcast to interview successful black business owners from around the USA in order to shed light on Black Businesses who may not have a product but a service business instead.


Our mission is to connect consumers with more black owned businesses in order to create a better ecosystem in the future.


We Provide Advertising and Promotion for Black Owned Businesses. Reach out to us for more information. pj@womnetworks.com


With This Platform, The Black Community has the potential to grow and become more economically aware than ever before


We aim to create more togetherness amongst the Black Community with our brand. We are open to collaboration and encourage more black people to work together!

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